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Nestled in the picturesque Garden Route, Dunefields Private Nature Reserve is a coastal piece of paradise where land meets sea. Situated on the highest vegetated fossilized sand dune in South Africa, Dunefields harbours a diversity of coastal fauna and flora. Our team is proud to say that Dunefields acts as a safe haven for all life – big or small, sessile or mobile.

Preserving Nature’s Wonders

The near pristine vegetation of fynbos-thicket mosaic is home to unique and captivating fauna and flora, revealing the intricate beauty of our ecosystem. Here we share photographs of interesting sightings and discoveries that we come across in our nature reserve. We hope that the sharing of our photographs will leave you in awe of nature.

Wildlife Rescues

The Dunefields team is dedicated to rescue wildlife in need, whether the animals are sick, injured or orphaned. Tiaan and Zanri are trained on first aid procedures, and are equipped and permitted to stabilize wildlife at the Dunefields Stabilization Station. The team has a passion for wildlife rescue, and they enjoy forming part of the lives of all animals in need. Every life counts.

Research Studies

At Dunefields, we are driven by the pursuit of knowledge and a steadfast commitment to preserving the natural world. To share our findings, and to contribute to the wider scientific community we proudly present our research published in scientific journals. Our work is guided by the belief that research and conservation are inextricably linked. We cannot conserve what we don’t understand, and therefore we pride ourselves in conducting research in both the terrestrial and marine environments. By constantly pushing the boundaries of knowledge and sharing our insights, we strive to make a lasting impact on the protection and sustainability of our precious ecosystems.

Invasive Alien Vegetation

As part of our nature conservation efforts we have been clearing alien and invasive vegetation to promote the health of the indigenous vegetation. Alien species lack natural predators in South Africa since they don’t originate from here, and they easily outcompete indigenous vegetation for sunlight and space.

Environmental Education

We try to both lead by example and inspire others on environmental topics, but on top of that we are also actively educating on nature-related themes. We raise environmental awareness on various different topics whether it be guided walks or presentations at bird clubs, seabird rehabilitation centres, or international conferences, we are always honoured to be granted the opportunity to raise awareness.

Monthly Newsletters – Nature News

To share our nature-related sightings and to educate on conservation-related topics we publish our Nature News every month. These newsletters provide valuable insights into the rich biodiversity of Dunefields and shed light on the conservation efforts underway. By making these newsletters accessible to the public, fellow researchers and environmental organizations, we hope to inspire collaborative efforts beyond the borders of our nature reserve.

Our Hiking Trails

Our hiking trails are more than just scenic trails, it tells a story of the animals that call Dunefields home. All our hiking trails have originated from game trails, and are still being used by many different faunal species hence our regular observations of the spoor, droppings/scat and camera trap footage of our 17 mammal species.

The Homestead

We lead an off-the-grid lifestyle, not only in terms of rainwater and electricity but also food. Our beloved chickens provide us with freshly laid eggs, our bees provide us with the tastiest honey, and our garden provides us with an array of herbs, fruit, and vegetables.